23. Female. INTP. Cosplayer, theatre fan, Takarazuka nerd and spender of money on all the things. Huge fan of Willemijn Verkaik.
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idina + laughing/smiling

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"When I was creating the archetypal world, which is when they become their classic characters—good and evil—I would use the sky, light, stars, and rainbows for Glinda. Elphaba, who is always firmly planted on the earth, I have her come from the earth."

-Susan Hilferty on the Bubble and Act II dresses from Wicked


Sierra Boggess - Master Class in NYC




a little comic dedicated to a friend

I needed this really bad. thank you.

I’m literally crying. This is so important.

Frozen (2013)

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Wicked Challenge - 3/5 Elphabas

Willemijn Verkaik
"I’ve played the role of Elphaba more than anyone else; over 1,000 times now and for me this is a good thing. I started in Germany, then Holland, then Broadway - the part took me to all those places. I’ve been able to travel and meet so many interesting people as a result. I lived in New York for a while and I’m now living in London, which is such an amazing experience. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world - I’m so thankful for this role."
2007 - 2014

"My dad used to tell me when I was younger, ‘You don’t want to be a Bond girl; you want to be a villain.’" [x]

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