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She came from the grave much graver, first he’ll kill her then I’ll save her, everything is turning out so-Going through the mo- No I’ll save her then I’ll kill her!

i think this line’s mostly filler jsodfdsfjodsfodfkjdfdjkfsjsdf spaaaark

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People who think Angel is one-dimensional and kinda bland in comparison to Spike for example, all I have to say to them is “clearly you’ve not watched ATS and seen him dance or sing Mandy”


Rachel Tucker & the cast of The Last Ship perform “If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (10/16/2014)

willemijn verkaik & chantal janzen

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Taylor Swift
State of Grace
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So often, a visit to a bookshop has cheered me and reminded me that there are good things in the world.
Vincent Van Gogh (via scintillatingstarlight)
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accomplishment: making a cat sound at a cat and the cat makes a cat sound back

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Have you ever seen greater (im)mortal enemies than Xander and Harmony?



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